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Posadas is Misiones province capital city. It hosts the mayor population in the province with more than 300.000 inhabitants

The Town Hall is surrounded by Parana river on the North, Zaiman and Lapacho streams on the South, Parana river, Laguna stream, 12 National Road and 1 Provincial Road (Apostols city) on the East and Itaembée stream on the West.

Posadas developed its tourist attractions a lot in the last years, specially in 199 when they inaugurated the river bank by Parana river with its tea rooms, parks and balconies with views to Parana and Paraguay.

You will find a lot of amusing, artistic and cultural options and the opportunity to practice any water sports as boat rides, ship rides among others. In Posadas Argentina You will also enjoy musical and artistic spectacles as plays or movies. You can go to the casino and you also have all the fun at night in pubs and discos.

Posadas has got all services from hostings, gastronomics, shops of any kind… you can get rented cars, cashiers and even bureau de change.

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